802.16 Session #17

Session #17 was held on 21-25 January 2002 at the Hotel Levitunturi in Finland. The session was hosted by Carl Eklund of Nokia, which served as corporate host.

The Session #17 Report highlights the session activity and outcomes.

Have a look at the photo album.

Working Group Plenaries
Chair's Opening Plenary Presentation
Closing Plenary Agenda

The session opened at 1 pm on Monday, 21 January.
The technical portion of the session closed at 5 pm on Thursday, 24 January, in order to allow attendees to catch the Airport Bus connecting to the 6:10 pm flight to Helsinki.

No technical decisions were made prior to 1 pm on Monday or after 5 pm on Thursday. Some editorial work continue on Friday.

The Conference Registration Fee was EUR130. This includes morning and afternoon coffee, a buffet lunch on Tuesday-Thursday, and a Wednesday evening social event that will be hosted by Nokia. See the Registration and Hotel Reservation Form.

The Hotel Levitunturi is in Levi, which is 170 km north of the Arctic Circle in the Lapland area of Finland.

The group room rate was EUR87 for a single and EUR104 for a double including breakfast.

On 31 December 2001, 1 Euro was worth approximately $0.89, or 5.95 Finnish Markka. You can check the current exchange rate here.

Broadband access to the internet and to the 802.16 server was provided by wireless LAN and 10BaseT Ethernet.

Visa Requirements
Visitors from some countries will need a visa to enter Finland. Detailed information is available. Note in particular:

If you require a personal invitation letter, please contact Sirpa.Saira@nokia.com.

See the weather forecast and information about current conditions. See also some information on appropriate clothing for outdoor activities.

Travel and Transportation
The hotel is 14 km from Kittilä airport (KTT) (see map), with twice-a-day service (four-a day on weekends) to Helsinki (HEL) on Finnair. Because of schedules are a bit complicated, they are reproduced below for your assistance; of course, the schedules below are not guaranteed accurate.

According to the hotel's web site, "The Airport Bus takes passengers to the airport precisely one hour prior to take-off from outside the Hotel Levitunturi".

Based on the return schedule, you may find that you need to spend a night in Helsinki on your return trip. If so, one hotel possibility is the Ramada Helsinki Airport Hotel, which is about a mile from the airport with a free shuttle service. See also some additional information on the hotel.

Sunday 20 January
HEL to KTT 11:40a-1:10p
HEL to KTT 12:50p-2:20p
HEL to KTT 4:10p-5:40p
HEL to KTT 8:30p-10:00p

Monday 21 January
HEL to KTT 10:30a-12:00n
HEL to KTT 4:10p-5:40p

Friday 25 January
KTT to HEL 12:35p-2:00p
KTT to HEL 6:10p-7:35p

Saturday 26 January
KTT to HEL 1:45p-3:10p
KTT to HEL 2:50p-4:15p
KTT to HEL 6:10p-7:35p
KTT to HEL 7:40p-10:10p (with a stop)

Sunday 27 January
KTT to HEL 1:45p-3:10p
KTT to HEL 2:50p-3:15p
KTT to HEL 6:10p-7:35p
KTT to HEL 10:30p-11:55p

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