802.16 Session #21

IEEE 802.16's Session #21 was held on 23-26 September 2002 at the Shilla Cheju Hotel on Cheju (Jeju) Island, Korea. The session was hosted by Panyuh Joo of corporate host Samsung Electronics Co.

Summary Report
See Session #21 Report

The registration list of the 54 participants is available.

The Session #21 Agenda shows the schedule of meetings for the week. Detailed agendas are available by hyperlink.

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802.16 Tutorial
A tutorial overview of the 802.16 process, status, and technology was presented by Working Group Chair Roger Marks on the evening of Monday 23 September. This served as an introduction for new participants. Approximately 15 people attended.

Site and Hotel Information

Hotel Reservations
The hotel reservation form was due by 14 September.

[This info collected by Roger Marks and not guaranteed correct

The Cheju airport code is CJU. Korean Air (KE) and Asiana Airlines (OZ) serves Cheju from Seoul's domestic airport (Gimpo (or Kimpo) International Airport or GMP), each with over 20 flights a day from around 07:00 until 21:45 (to CJU) and until 21:05 (to GMP).

Nonstop service from major international airports is minimal. For example:

from Seoul's (Incheon International Airport or ICN) [flight time: ~1:05]:
ICN to CJU Sat 21 Sept - -
ICN to CJU Sun 22 Sept KE1423 (17:30) OZ8551 (18:10)
ICN to CJU Mon 21 Sept - -
CJU to ICN Thu 26 Sept - -
CJU to ICN Fri 27 Sept KE1424 (19:15) OZ8552 (18:55)
[If you choose to fly via ICN, you may be interested in the ICN arriving and departing flight schedules.]

Ground transportation from GMP and ICN is by taxi and is said to take about 40 minutes. For landings at ICN, Korean Air specifies minimum transfer times: 100 minutes to transfer to a domestic flight at ICN, and a minimum of 150 minutes to transfer to a flight at GMP. Transfers in the opposite direction are 20-30 minutes shorter.

CJU is also linked by nonstops to Beijing (PEK), Tokyo (NRT), Osaka (KIX), and Busan/Pusan (PUS). For example:

from Beijing (PEK) [flight time: ~2:30]:
PEK to CJU Sat 21 Sept KE856 (08:45)
CJU to PEK Fri 27 Sept KE855 (19:40)

from Tokyo's Narita (NRT) [flight time: ~2:30]:
NRT to CJU Sat 21 Sept KE718 (09:45)
NRT to CJU Mon 23 Sept KE718 (09:45)
CJU to NRT Fri 27 Sept KE717 (18:20)
CJU to NRT Sun 29 Sept KE717 (18:20)

from Osaka's Kansai (KIX) [flight time: ~1:45]:
KIX to CJU Mon 23 Sept KE734 (09:15) OZ137 (09:00)
CJU to KIX Thu 26 Sept KE733 (18:25) OZ138 (18:30)
CJU to KIX Sun 29 Sept KE733 (18:25) OZ138 (18:30)

On 29 August 2002, 1 U.S. dollar was worth approximately 1200 Korean Won. You can check the current exchange rate here.

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