IEEE 802.16 Session #31

IEEE 802.16's Session #31 was held on 17-20 May 2004 at the Crowne Plaza Shenzhen in Shenzhen, People's Republic of China. The session was hosted by Rajesh Bhalla of corporate host ZTE Corporation. The decision to select this site was made on 13 November 2003 after considering the host's site selection proposal and three alternatives.

Summary and Key Outcomes
See the Session #31 Report.

Attendance List
The attendance list is available.

See the document list.

Please see the schedule of meetings for the week. The session ran from 1 pm on Monday 17 May through 10 pm on Thursday 20 May. ZTE hosted a Welcome Banquet on Wednesday evening, including an entertainment program. A tour of ZTE World Headquarters took place following the session, on Friday morning. An tutorial introduction to the IEEE 802.16 Working Group was held on Monday morning.

Detail and Logistics
More information is available in the host's 18 March presentation Plans for IEEE 802.16 Working Group Session #31.

On-line registration is closed. The registration fee was US$150, payable by credit card, for those registering by the deadline of 30 April. The fee subsequently rose to US$200. In either case, the fee was payable on-site. Please choose the appropriate registration form:

You can confirm your registration by checking the registration list.

Once registered, please complete and print a copy of the registration fee form. You will submit this at the on-site registration desk.

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen
9026 Shennan Road, Overseas Chinese Town
Shenzhen, 518053 People's Republic of China
Tel: +86-755-26936888 [Reservations: extension 8961 or 8962]
Fax (Reservations): +86-755-26936500
Fax (general): +86-755-26936999

Hotel Address in Chinese
Please print and bring with you the Chinese address card of the Crowne Plaza Shenzhen to show your taxi or bus driver if you do not speak Chinese:

You can also check out Chinese web site with the hotel name.

A visa is required for entrance into the People's Republic of China. You will need to present a letter of invitation, along with additional paperwork, to the Chinese Visa Office in your own locality to obtain your visa. The host company, ZTE, will provide invitation letters for visa applications. To request a letter of invitation, download the invitation request form and submit it by 28 April.

You may need to look for a visa application from the Embassy of the PRC in your own country, such as the Embassy of the PRC in the United States or Embassy of the PRC in Canada.

If your visa application requires you to supply an "Inviting Organization or Person in China," you may use the following:

Mr. Liu Hongjun
ZTE Corporation
5/F., A Wing, ZTE Plaza
Hi-Tech Road South, Hi-Tech Industrial Park
Shenzhen, P.R. China 518057
+86-755-26770322 or +86-13312902883

Most visitors can pass through Hong Kong without a visa. See the details.

Many guests will arrive through Hong Kong International Airport (HKG) (see also more airport info) and arrive at the hotel by bus, via Shenzhen Huang Gang Check Point. The bus trip takes about one hour. See below for details on transportation from HKG.

Shenzhen Airport (SZX) serves many domestic cities, with frequent service to Shanghai.

To Crowne Plaza Shenzhen from Hong Kong International Airport by Bus
Please follow the tips below and you will find it is easy to get to the Crowne Plaza Shenzhen via Huang Gang Check Point.

ZTE recommends the Wingon Chinalink shuttle bus service, leaving daily (9:45 to 19:00) from Hong Kong International Airport to the Crowne Plaza Shenzhen, and departing daily (08:00 to 18:00) back to Hong Kong International Airport. When you leave the the airport's Immigration and Customs, please look for the Wingon Chinalink Reception Counter, Kiosk A09, near the Arrival Hall "A" Exit.

It takes about 40 minutes from Hong Kong Airport to Huang Gang Check Point, depending on the traffic conditions. You will have to complete the procedures of the Customs and Immigration when you arrive. Do not forget to bring your belongings and travel documents. Get back to the same bus upon completion of Customs and Immigration. In about 3 minutes, you will arrive at Shenzhen Huang Gang Checkpoint. Here again, you would complete the Customs and Immigration formality.

IF THERE IS ENOUGH TIME, you can exchange funds for Chinese Yuan at the Bank of China in the checkpoint hall once you complete Customs. It is important to save your receipt of money exchange. Note that aliens are allowed to bring RMB 5000 from overseas into the country.

Walking out of the checkpoint, you should find the Wingon Chinalink Bus station. Show your ticket and get on the same bus or transfer to a minibus, as guided by the shuttle bus company. The checkpoint is about 10 kilometers away from the Crowne Plaza Shenzhen, and the ride takes about 20 minutes.

To Crowne Plaza Shenzhen from Hong Kong International Airport by Ferry and Taxi
A high speed ferry service, TurboJET Sea Express, is also available between Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) and Shenzhen Shekou Harbor. With ferry service, you avoid the hassle of going through Hong Kong immigration; you bypass all immigration procedures at the airport, postponing them until your arrival in Shenzhen, where your baggage is delivered. The ferry ride takes about 30 minutes. From Shekou Harbour to the Crowne Plaza Shenzhen is about 20 km; the taxi fare is about RMB50. For full details on taking the ferry, including special group fares, please download the document Ferry Service to Shenzhen.

Late Arrival to Hong Kong Airport
If you arrive at Hong Kong later than 19:00 hrs, you may not have enough time to catch the Wingon Chinalink or the ferry. You may take alternative transportation to Shenzhen and a taxi to the Crowne Plaza. Or you may choose to stay at the Regal Hotel, only 300 meters away from the exit of the Arrival Hall.

Assistance in Shenzhen
If you have any problem in Shenzhen, do not hesitate to contact Mr. Liu at +86 13312902883 or Ms. Li at +86 13008878676.

Cell Phone Rental:
The ShenZhouXing prepaid service is available all over China. The ShenZhouXing GSM (China Mobile) prepaid SIM Card is rechargeable, with no monthly charge, no application required, and no frequency occupancy fee. You can place or receive local calls, long-distance calls, and international calls at the ShenZhouXing tariff. When you dial long-distance calls, please add the 17951 before the call number to activate the IP service, taking into account the relatively low tariff. The IP call tariff is RMB 4.2 yuan per minute from China to Europe and RMB 3 yuan per minute from China to the USA. Please refer to the user specifications when you buy the ShenZhouXing Card for the specific charges. Please see to the web page for details.

Popular theme parks, such as Splendid China, China Folk Culture Villages, Window of the World, and Happy Valley, are located at the Overseas Chinese Town (OCT), a famous cultural and tourism zone in Shenzhen. OCT is 4 km from the meeting venue.

The XiaoMeiSha and DaMeiSha Seashore Parks are two important sight spots in eastern Shenzhen. They are, respectively, 45 and 40 minutes from the meeting venue by bus. You may also like to learn about the China Yacht Club.)

For more information on attractions, please visit or

Typical minimum charge is RMB 12.5 yuan (covering first 3 km), and then RMB 2.8 yuan per km. Remember to bring a written address if you do not speak Chinese. There is no car rental service for foreigners yet. We would recommend the taxi service since you can reserve a taxi car for the whole day service at the cost of RMB 400 yuan. If so, please remember the car number and the driver's mobile phone number.)

220V, 50Hz. Please be sure you have the correct adapter. Voltage converters will NOT be provided at the meeting.

Shenzhen has abundant rainfall, particularly during May to September, so make sure you bring your umbrella. The average temperature is 25 C in May.

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