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Session #33 of the IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access took place on 30 August - 2 September 2004 in Seoul, Korea. The session was hosted by Panyuh Joo and Changhoi Koo of corporate host Samsung Corporation. The attendance of 287 set a record for an 802.16 interim session.

Comment Resolution on Mobile WirelessMAN (P802.16e) Draft
Comments were resolved following the third recirculation of the Working Group Letter Ballot regarding the IEEE P802.16e draft, which will enhance the WirelessMAN air interface to support mobile as well as fixed users. This activity will lead Task Group e to the development of Draft 5. The schedule, which anticipates completion of the standard in late 2004, remains in effect. Task Group e issued a closing report and minutes.

Initial Progress on Two Network Management PARs
The new IEEE 802.16 Network Management Task Group held its first meeting and began progress on two PARs that we approved by the IEEE-SA Standards Board in June. Regarding the P802.16f Management Information Base (MIB) project for fixed service, a substantial contribution was adopted as the basis of an initial draft, and Working Group Letter Ballot #16 will open soon to consider its approval. Regarding the P802.16g project on Management Plane Procedures and Services, seven contributions were received, and a new new Call for Contributions will be issued on several specific topics.

Corrigendum to IEEE Standard 802.16-2004
The Working Group expects approval, on 23 September, of a new PAR for a Corrigendum to quickly correct errors that may be found in the new IEEE Standard 802.16-2004 (publication of which is now expected in late September 2004 following IEEE-SA Standards Board approval in June). In anticipation of PAR approval, the new Maintenance Task Group begun collecting and reviewing reports of errors in the standard. An additional Call for Comments will be issued, and a Working Group Letter Ballot on a set of corrections is expected beginning in November following Session #34.

Conformance Standards
The Conformance Task Group reviewed a contribution from ETSI BRAN recommending that an ETSI draft PICS be accepted as the basis of the P802.16/Conformance04 (PICS Proforma for frequencies below 11 GHz). A decision was made to create a baseline PICS document per the ETSI suggestion and then to issue a Call for Comments regarding it.

Separately, IEEE Standard 802.16/Conformance02-2003, an earlier product of Conformance Task Group, entered the Get IEEE 802 program where it is now available for free download. The standard addresses the "Test Suite Structure and Test Purposes (TSS&TP) for 10-66 GHz WirelessMAN-SC Air Interface."

New IEEE 802.16 Study Group on Licensed-Exempt Coexistence
The Working Group's Study Group on Licensed-Exempt Coexistence held its first meetings and decided to recommend a PAR for a new project. The Working Group chose to hold Working Group Letter Ballot #15 on the topic of forwarding a proposed PAR and Five Criteria Statement.

Working Group Liaison Activities

Future Meetings

The Session #33 document list includes references to hundreds of session documents.

Working Group Membership
The Working Group Membership remains at 151. Over 100 Potential Members are eligible for membership by attending Session #34.

Minutes and Motions
Significant motions drafted for presentation at the Closing Plenary are embedded in the Closing Plenary Agenda.

New "802.16 News" Mailing List
A new "802.16 News" mailing list ("stds-802-16-news") has been established, with the sole purpose of distributing major announcements related to the Working Group. Those interested in following the progress of the group but not in the day-to-day details may wish to subscribe. Only the Working Group Chair is eligible to post to the list, and mailings will be rare: once after each bimonthly session and additionally for major news, such as the approval of a new standard. Those subscribing to the stds-802-16 mailing list, for active Working Group participants, need not subscribe to stds-802-16-news since the postings will be redundant.

About IEEE 802.16
The IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access Standards has developed and is enhancing the WirelessMANTM Standard for wireless metropolitan area networks. IEEE 802.16 is a unit of the IEEE 802 LAN/MAN Standards Committee, the premier transnational forum for wired and wireless networking standardization. A list of IEEE 802.16 standards and drafts is available on-line, as is a project milestone summary and an archive of previous Session Reports.

With the approval of the IEEE 802.16 Working Group, this report was drafted and edited (Update Edition: 8 October 2004) by:

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Chair, IEEE 802.16 Working Group on Broadband Wireless Access Standards
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